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Oh My God, it's a Giveaway! It's the Next Best Prize to the Powerball!

Hey hey hey, it’s a giveaway!

That’s right, it’s the first time in my 8 year history of blogging that I have ever done a contest!  Behold the fabulousness that is my contest…

Madge tell us what you can win!

Well Bob, we’ll be giving away 5, count ’em 5 copies of my book…

“When Life Gives You Lemons… at Least You Won’t Get Scurvy!”  Making the best of the crap life gives you.


Here’s a review from Amazon:



Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: When Life Gives You Lemons… At Least You Won’t Get Scurvy!: Making the best of the crap life gives you (Paperback)

Sassy, opinionated, and hilarious, Madge Madigan won me over as a blogger by always managing to say (well, write) what I probably would have been thinking in any given situation she describes. Now she turns her razor-sharp wit to book-length nonfiction and blazes a fresh path through familiar domestic territory like single motherhood, dating, finances, unemployment–and well beyond.

Some essays are built on helpful advice, Madge-style. Sample titles: How Not to Have Your Obituary Read: “She Was a Pain in the Ass'” and How to Keep Your Daughter Off the Pole.

Some essays are purely satirical (I hope!), such as her illustrated campaign to land a reality television show for her “rack”

My favorite passages reflect her typically creative, no holds-barred assessment of the world as we know it. Madge on Fifty Shades: “The girl is everything that’s wrong with women, and he’s a controlling douchecopter.” Item number three on Madge’s list of dreaded Facebook cliches: “The health overshare: `I just got home from the doctor, still can’t figure out what is wrong. Still have purple ooze coming from my rectum. But doc said my mologium levels are normal. Will test my saliva tomorrow.'”

The bottom line: Buy this book. Read it. You will laugh.


Tell the people how they can win!

Well Bob, it’s easy the top 5 vote-getters will win a copy of the book.  Here’s how you get points…

1.  Leave a comment below telling me why you want the book. (1 point)

2. Like this blog. (1 point)  (I don’t mean force yourself to enjoy this blog, I mean actually click the Like button below)

2.  Share this post on Facebook, and provide the link below.  (1 point)

3.  Tweet the following – I just entered to win a copy of @madgemadigan‘s book “When Life Gives You Lemons…at Least You Won’t Get Scurvy!” and so can you at         (1 point every time you Tweet)

4.  Send a friend to my blog and have them leave a comment telling me who sent them (1 point)

5.  Punch Kris Jenner in the face and record it for me (10 points)  NO!  Just kidding.   Don’t waste your energy, she’ll just sue you afterwards.  Douche.

6.  Post a picture on Facebook or Twitter of you holding a sign that says “I Love Madge” and provide the link below (5 points)  I know no one will do this, but hey I like to give people lofty goals to ignore.

Winners will be announced… when I’m damn good and ready.  No, let’s say next week.  Next Monday May 2oth to be exact.  I’ll be out a of town a couple days next week gettin’ ma boy from NYU, woot!  So get your ass in gear y’all I got shit to do!

Coming up… whenever he gets HIS ass in gear… a blog from our very own Mike Danger from 98.9 The Buzz in Rochester.  Any day now, Mike…  no actually, it will be in the next few days


Danger has been a great blogging friend over the years, I appreciate his support… and vitriol.

So yea, I’m going down to NYC next week to get the boy.  The drive wouldn’t be so bad, it’s only like 3 hours to the edge of the city, unfortunately it takes another 2 hours to drive through the city to get to your destination.  Usually I like to drive to NJ, stay at a hotel there and train it in.  But this time I’m going solo and will just spend the night in the boy’s dorm room to save $ and fill up the car the next day with his crap.  We are trying to hit the punk exhibit at The Met on the way out of town, we’ll see how that goes.

While I’m down there I’m excited to meet with my fabulous literary/publishing world friends – NY Times Best Selling Author Wendy Corsi Staub and Soaps in Depth Magazine’s Editor Richard Simms!  Girl, we gonna’ get our drink on!

On a side note: anybody have any ideas to amuse myself on the ride down by myself?  I get a little antsy in my old age.  Most of my CD’s are in storage, I don’t have the special cable thingy to plug in the iPod, and talking on the cell phone in NY State is almost completely illegal now unless you talk through your car dashboard.  Fuckers.  Why don’t they then make driving with kids, dogs, cigarettes, coffee cups, sandwiches, and primping your hair illegal too?  They are just as distracting!  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph…

In other book news, I’ll be on The Brother Wease show on 95.1 Monday morning in the 7:00a hour.

So do that stuff up there and participate in my God damn contest!

Ok, then just pretend you want the book and do it anyway!

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