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A Slice of Cheesy Summer Nostalgia from the 80's

It’s the day before the day before a holiday.  So either people have taken tomorrow off or will get out early tomorrow or have a half day tomorrow or will work a full day anyway because they work retail or have a douchebag boss.  Anyway, odds are no one is reading blogs this week.   Meh.

Oh first, Happy 50th Birthday to my phenomenal big sister Jane!  It still feels like we’re still just 10 and 12 but here we are, going strong.

So moving right along… In honor of summer, the upcoming holiday here and impending summer vacations everywhere… I have one of the cheesiest, embarrassingly nostalgic and kind of entertaining video clips I have seen in a while.  Now, I used to like this song in college.  It was 1986,  I was a DJ on my college radio station and this record was a European import.  Rap was still trying to be accepted by the mainstream in the U.S.  I think Run DMC’s “Walk This Way” with Aerosmith had just come out and finally making headway for rap.  So these 2 Dutch rappers M.C. Miker G and DJ Sven make a little record rapping over Madonna’ s “Holiday” using the chorus from Cliff Richard’s 1963 hit “Summer Holiday”.  Total kitsch, and a total guilty pleasure.  Enjoy.

To my American friends, have a Happy and Safe Independence Day!  I hope my Canadian friends had a great Canaday Day.  And the rest of you, well enjoy whatever you do.  🙂

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