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Who You Callin’ B*tch?

Something has been under my skin for a while, not sure when it exactly crept in but I’m hyper-aware of it now. Probably the last 6 months to a year. Now, don’t run away, please keep an open mind… like Beastie Boys said, “I got an open mind, why don’t you all get inside?”

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Coincidentally that lyric comes from the song “Hey Ladies” which includes some of the shit I’m talkin’ ’bout. It’s about women and our role in society as sexual objects that don’t warrant respect. DON’T RUN, THIS IS NOT A FEMINIST RANT. BARE WITH ME! And it’s ok, I still love the Beastie Boys because they did see the error of their ways and later apologized for all the misogynistic lyrics. Much love to them… (Mike D, call me 😉

Since the beginning of time, women have been deemed the weaker, less important gender. In the Bible, women were created as a secondary accessory to man and were blamed for the whole apple fuckery. Also, “We the People” only meant white men, women and black people had no rights. How many countries are there where women still don’t have some basic human rights? Quite a few. And you think the U.S. is so advanced? Not so much. Listen to our daily language being used. I think this is what triggered me, I was watching Vanderpump Rules (I know, my first mistake) and that asswipe Jax (he is Ted Bundy waiting to happen) kept trying to put down other guys by calling them a girl. “He’s like a little teenage girl gossiping”, “He’s a pussy”, “He’s crying like a girl”, “Don’t be a girl about it”. Add to that other phrases you hear every day, “Throws like a girl”, “woman driver”, and using the word “bitch” everywhere which has a female connotation to it, “don’t be a little bitch”. Put all these things together and it means that just being a woman is an insult in itself.

1950 advertisements - shows we women were considered weak! | Funny vintage  ads, Old ads, Old advertisements

Look on social media… (I know, another mistake) when someone is dissing a woman, it’s usually with “stupid/ugly/fat/etc bitch”. Now, do we ever point out the sex of a man when we dis him? No, it’s usually just “idiot, asshole, dumbass, etc.” So, think of it… why make note of the sex in relation to a woman? Also, I’ve noticed that when people (mostly men but some women also, which I find even more disturbing) want to dis a woman, they go for something regarding appearance or sexuality. Trump is infamous for this. Case in point, Kamala Harris has been deemed a “ho” and their team dubbed “Joe and the Ho”. Either it’s simply because she’s a woman or people think she slept her way up the ladder. Both are antiquated notions. Is that worse than Trump sleeping with scores of women over his lifetime which many were his subordinates (according to him), cheated on all 3 of his wives, and thinks he can “grab them by the pussy” and no one calls him a whore? Why don’t have the name, “The Philanderer and Mike”? Well maybe because it doesn’t rhyme, but you get the idea. That’s because even though we think we’re so advanced, the double standard STILL exists. 

Another disturbing thing is when some men get really angry toward/about a woman, they get sexual about it. More than once I’ve had a man get angry at me on social media because I was being calm and factual and heard things like “Fuck you, whore”, “I hope you get raped”, “You want me, don’t you? I will fuck you good and set you straight”, “You need your tits slapped”, “I should bend you over and give it to you good”, “You need a big black cock rammed in your ass”. Yup. It gets real personal. Women hear this stuff every day. Not to mention “I’m speaking” is something we have to say a lot (thanks Kamala) Why? I’m also very disturbed that certain people seemed to be obsessed with black men’s genitals. That’s awful. Unless certain people don’t mind being stereotyped as having large schlongs… I guess there are worse stereotypes. (I kid)

These are all questions for the psychologists. Especially the part about women talking about other women this way, I’ve heard more than one woman wish Nancy Pelosi would get a BBC in the ass. Wow, no self-respect there but plenty of self-loathing. Why does anger toward women become sexual at times? Nobody ever says they want to “Swing that guy around by his dick” or “I hope he gets a BBC in the ass”. Perhaps because we are the less violent, more mature sex?

Think of it, just being a woman is an insult in society… still. And men are still trying to control what we do with our own bodies. Just take note of your daily language. I’ve caught myself doing it constantly. I want to say things like “Bitch, please” all the time. When someone is hesitant to do something, I want to say “Pick up your skirt, Sally”. Which I think are both pretty funny lines but really aren’t helpful to the cause. And the fact that we menstruate gives others a whole other mountain of ammo. And if one of you assholes starts calling me an “offended snowflake”, I will beat the snot out of you. It’s simply taking note of our language. So here’s a pre-emptive “Fuck you” for that nonsense.

I just ask you to be aware of your language. Some of our issues as a society are deeply rooted in our language and I don’t think we can ever rid ourselves of that, but we can at least try. Sexism, racism, and other isms are embedded in us… “Throw like a girl”, “He needs a big black guy to beat him senseless”. Why a black guy? Because they are tougher or meaner? That’s a stereotype. Also, some girls throw great, some boys throw shitty. Another dumb stereotype. I don’t want to be a wet blanket, there are a lot of really funny sayings out there but maybe think first, and DEFINITELY stop the threats of sexual violence toward women, you need professional help if you’ve got that shit going on. 

As they say at the end of mass, “Go in peace…” 

- yauch i love you - the affection of a Buddhist

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