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As Eva Gabor Said – "Dahling I Love You but Give Me Park Ave."

In all of my crazy running this week, I forgot to mention the winners of my book giveaway contest!  They are:

Laura D (also wins “Most Creative” by having her kid pose with an I Love Madge sign on Twitter)

Jon Jefferson


Lisa S


Yes… TurdBoy

Some of you, I don’t know your real names, just user names so, ya’ know that’s what I go with.  Please email me your shipping address to  I will also try to contact those folks through their FB’s and Twitter and junk.


The rest of you… Today only! Use this code – KZHZAWP8 and get 50% OFF, that’s HALF OFF my book… at this website –   HURRY!  BUY NOW!

Ok, just a quick pictorial today.  I went to pick my son up at NYU to bring him home for the summer.  Do you have a place where you feel most at home, alive, or at peace?  Most of you feel that way say in the mountains, or maybe your lakeside cabin, or camping, fishing, church, whatever.  Me?  It’s New York City.  I can’t explain it.  There I feel… normal.  I just do.  I have this weird feeling of peace and happiness and like I belong.  I’m going to live there someday.  When I become a wealthy author and my last child gets out of high  school in 4 years.  I’m gone.  Oh maybe I’ll spend part of my summers in Rochester too, it gets a little gritty during NY summers.

Anyway, here are a few pics and what makes me happy.  I didn’t take much but well… here they are:


Had dinner and drinks with my high school friend and NY Times Best Selling author Wendy Corsi Staub.  Go to her website here, awesome selection of books!


My son Jack and I at dinner with Wendy at B Bar and Grill, 4th Ave. and Bowery.


Inside the door of a coffee shop we went to later in Cooper Square.  Who brings spray paint to a coffee shop?


More of the bathroom.  I love graffiti laden walls, it’s such a slice of life.  And the writing in there was very deep, not like “Jenny is a slut” type stuff.


My boy somewhere around Cooper Square.


Mackelmore’s hit “Thrift Shop” is all the rage.  But thrift shopping in NYC is totally different than anywhere else.  Here is a Betsey Johnson dress still too expensive for me even in a thrift shop.  To. Die. For.


A Lilly Pulitzer dress in the same thrift store.  A size 2… who the fuck wears that?!  Also still too expensive.  *sad face*


My son ended up buying me this coat that I fell in love with for $45 marked down from $165.  From the tags inside it appears to be custom made in the late 50s/early 60s with a real full collar and 3/4 sleeves.   It needs to be taken in just a little but I love it, it’s perfect.  My son said it was an early birthday present (June 11), isn’t he amazing?


The old St. Anne’s Church facade in front of my son’s dorm.


Freshman dorm.


Goodbye Freshman dorm.


A closer look at the facade.

When I go back in August I’ll take more.  I just live in the moment and forget to take pictures but I’ll try to remember to do so, that way I can always carry the pieces of NY I love with me until I can live there for good.

Where is a place that makes you feel most at home/peace?

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