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Get a Business Mentor to Slap You Around a Little

Need a change in your career? Suddenly head of the household and not sure where to turn? Tired of a dead-end job? Always had a dream to do something you love? Maybe you have some crazy-ass kids that you think you could never corral long enough to concentrate on building a business? Then listen to my podcast this week as I have a conversation with Angella Luyk Entrepreneur and Business Mentor.

After getting divorced 16 years ago I’ve had a string of jobs that I hated.  I felt I had to take anything just to feed my kids. What I know now is that I don’t have to take any job that feels wrong to me. Yes, I needed to find something, anything to feed the kids, but I took things with clear-as-day abusive bosses and people who wanted to scam me and get away with paying nothing or as little as possible. I didn’t often think things entirely through because I was in such a panic mode… get something ANYTHING to feed the kids. I also wish I’d had guidance to start my own business the right way.

My biggest problem was I was afraid to ask for help. I never sat down with a professional and said “Here is what I want to do, how do I achieve that?” Mostly because I knew I couldn’t afford any services. I really couldn’t, I was on food stamps, public assistance, free lunch for kids, got evicted, yada yada…  But thinking back, had I made a deal then to pay over time (there is always a deal to be made) or something, I couldn’t have saved myself years of frustration and heartache. I need a professional to slap me around a little.

A business mentor is what I needed. I spoke to life coaches and therapists but no one that could really help me with a detailed plan, which is what I needed.  I tend to have 18 great ideas at once but often get scrambled in where to start first or prevent my ADD from hopping to the next one before the first is completed.

My first piece of advice to you if you are in this situation is… breathe. No good decision has ever been made in a panic. I know firsthand. If you don’t know what to do next… Google it. Google support groups, job help, small business help, psychotherapy… whatever pops into your mind. Hell, even ask me! I’ll help you start on your path. Also look into my latest guest Angella Luyk at for business mentoring.

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