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Cheating: Is the Other Man/Woman to Blame?

Cheating, being cheated on, being the other man or woman… we’ve all been there. If you haven’t well God bless ya’, you are one lucky son of a bitch. I mean, at least you know someone who has been on the giving or receiving end, right?

It can be devastating, especially if there are children involved. But I’m not here to bash cheaters, but rather find out why it happens. Why do people step out on their relationships? There are many reasons why men and women cheat – boredom, revenge, immaturity, narcicism…

But there are also many ways to handle it after the infidelity has been found out. Do you go after the other man or woman? Is that man or woman to blame? Or is it all just the fault of the one in the relationship that did the cheating? Did the one on the receiving end of the cheating cause the other to do the cheating. (I’ll tell you up front, that one is fucking ridiculous… or is it?} 

Find out what Madge and Fitz think on this episode of Madge Unmuted podcast. 

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