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Crap I Wanna' Do in 2013…

My Goals for 2013…

*  Finish editing my book and publish it.

*  Achieve a high level of income doing something I enjoy.  Ok, I’ll take any income right now but ya’ know, I aspire to make it big.

*  Buy some new clothes.  Of course I need to wait for the above to happen.  I always put myself last in the budget, so yea, what are ya’ gonna’ do?

* To connect more with my local friends and expand my IRL local social circle.  Particularly, girl friends.  I need more cool broads in my life.  And if you’re one of my local real life friends reading this… Jesus Christ call me to do something once in a while, will ya’?!  Just lock your kids in a closet for one Happy Hour for God’s sake, it won’t kill ya’…

*  To punch Ramona from Real Housewives of New York in the face.

*  To go on a vacation or at least away for a weekend that doesn’t involve a wedding, death, birth, graduation, or any other family gathering/milestone.  I’d like a vacation for the kids but I’d also like one alone.  I’ve never been on an “adults only” get-a-way.  Well not since kids were born almost 19 years ago, anyway.

*  I’d like to not be such a twat.  I know I know it’s part of my charm but, well I guess I’d just like to feel less crabby.  A little snark never hurt anyone, that’s not going anywhere…

*  I vow to NOT:  climb to the top of anything, jump out of anything high or moving, hike to the bottom of anything, run anywhere, bike anywhere, or contort myself in a hot room (unless it involves a man and being naked).

*  I do like to lift weights though, I know isn’t that odd?  If I was a guy I probably would have been into power lifting.  I wouldn’t do it as a girl, I’d have to gain weight or get all bulky and that’s just unflattering.  Plus my great rack would get in the way.  So, I’ll try to do that more often, but not too much.

*  I’m gonna’ try like hell to get my sister moved here to Rochester.  But first it involves me making a trip to Detroit to help get her house ready for sale.  So, yea my goal is to get to Detroit, the rest will follow…

*  To be an even more awesome Mom.  (as if that were possible, chuh)  Ok, I do want to train my girls to be more tidy.

*  I want to give back more.  Somehow, some way.  Volunteer, donate, mentor, philanthropamorphize or somethin’

*  I would really love to get a new car  but ya’ know, number 2 on the list has to happen first.  Or I need to win a contest or get a Sugar Daddy or something of that ilk.

*  I want to get out and do more hip things that I used to enjoy – drag shows, live music, art exhibits, donkey shows, cockfights… I pride myself on being well rounded.

*  I really really want to do more video blogs.  Yes, Maureen I need you!  I haven’t forgotten.  I just needed to get through the move, the holidays, the plague.

*  I would like to have a drag queen dress me up one night.  Yes, I have a secret wish to be a diva with va va voom!

*  Punch Ramona from Real Housewives of New York in the face… again.

I really really just want to be able to pay my bills and have me and my kids be happy and healthy.  Is that too much to ask?  I’d like all those I care about to be happy too but I don’t have much control over that.  For once I just want a year with more ups than downs.  Or at least just make the downs less catastrophic, gettin’ tired of that shit, yo.

I wish you all a very healthy and happy 2013.  And don’t forget to keep reading, following, and sharing my blog, Facebook, and Twitter!

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