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Debuting My New Series: Scantily Clad Broads Rippin' Out Hair Weaves Show!

I highly doubt any regular followers of this blog enjoy fighting of any sort.  (speaking of which, don’t forget to follow this blog!) Well, I guess there are a few of you sick bastards out there that have a blood lust.

But do you, though?  Tell me really, do you enjoy people fighting whether it be just yelling/arguing or physically beating on each other?

Well, I don’t care for it.  What made me think of this is, I have a vice for some certain “reality” shows and it seems all they have become are a vehicle for confrontation.  Like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Atlanta, every week it’s just some broads yelling at each other (with the chance of a boob floppin’ out from skimpy outfits).  Or their husbands puffin’ their chests out at each other and eventually maybe pummeling someone.  Does that bring ratings?  And seriously you think that is what grown women should be doing, you’re mothers?  And you preach that you’re all “classy” and ladylike and sophisticated.  Please, you’re just the grown up version of the skanks that used to smoke in the bathrooms at school and threaten to beat up little girls.  I’ve started to turn it off the minute that comes on.  Seriously.  OK, at first it was a little like watching a car wreck, but now I just can’t take it no mo.


Hint:  When someone tells you they are “classy” it’s a sure sign they do not possess one ounce of class in their being.  Pullin’ out somebody else’s weave sure ain’t all class and poise.

I watched that Vanderpump Rules show a couple times and all that is is young immature shallow vapid kids getting into pointless arguments and then some dude gets ‘roid rage and jumps another.  I’ve completely stopped watching.  I mostly get frustrated at how dumb the arguments are.  “You didn’t have my back, when so and so said no one liked me!”  Who gives a shit?  No one owes you anything in this life.  Yea, it would have been nice to back you up but not everybody wants to get involved in a pointless argument that’s not their’s, it is their right you know?  It was your fight to have, not your friend’s.  Get over it and move the fuck on.

Physical fighting has always been a problem for me.  I don’t even like to watch boxing.  Hockey fights I can deal with because there is so much padding, but when they drop the gloves and go bare knuckles on the face I turn away.  MMA fighting?  What kind of sick mofo watches that?  I just don’t get it.  Like what joy do you derive from watching people get bloodied and knocked senseless?  I remember my ex-husband trying to start a fight with a guy who was giving me crap in a bar when we were dating at like 25 years old.  They were both drunk, I got my little 5’2″ 115lb self (at the time) in front of him and yelled at his 6′ 225lb solid muscle hockey player self to knock it off.  Then I walked out.  I’m assertive but I’m not stupid.  They ended up getting cooled down and walked away.  But that turned me off to no end.  Not impressed one bit.

I feel like we’re going back to the days of the gladiators and Christians and lions and all that stuff.  We enjoy watching others be slaughtered?  People would much rather take out their phone and make a video of someone being beaten to death on the street than jump in and save them or call 911.  What is that all about?  Where does that come from?  I can’t even stand someone to be harassed or like see a guy bitch at a waitress.  Maybe I’m a weenie because I don’t like confrontation?

However, I’m not afraid to confront someone about wronging me or my kids.  But it’s always in an assertive way, never an aggressive way.  I may talk big on here like I’ll stab you in the eye with an ice pick, but that’s because… humor.  Half the laugh is my appearance and demeanor you know I’d never do that, but the thought is so ridiculous it’s funny.  Capiche?

Really is this what it has come down to?  We have boiled it down to just watching cat fights on TV?  I seriously want to know… do you love a good fight?  Or does it make you cringe?  I cringe.  I’m about to go walking around with a bucket of cold water everywhere I go and if there’s a fight I’ll douse ’em.  Ain’t nobody got time for that…

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