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FB Posts from the Last Time it was 12/12/12

Everyone is making such a big stink about today being 12/12/12 on social media today.

Here are some Facebook posts and Tweets from the last time it was 12/12/12:

“Just got my tickets for the Ziegfeld Follies, awesome!”

“Went down to the apothecary, got my marijuana and heroin but they were all out of morphine. Pity, I have such a headache.”

“Please pray for my neighbor, he has diarrhea and fear he may pass.  This will make 6 people I have known that died from either diarrhea or influenza this year. Please make this stop.  Re-Tweet to stop diarrhea deaths.”

“Was thinking about taking a train ride to that new state of Arizona for my vacation this year.  Any suggestions?”

“Posting pic of my sweet new ride, a 1912 Brush Roadster. I got it all the way up to 20mph! Shhh, don’t tell ayone”


“If Taft wins this election, I’m moving to Canada!  Tariff rates will be through the roof!”

Taft meme

“I’m worried about the people in Albania, how will they survive without being a part of the Ottoman Empire”

“Going to this brand new Fenway Park place tonight! Can’t wait to see the Boston Red Sox kick some NY Highlanders ass!”

“Anyone looking for a job, come on over to Kodak, they’re hiring like crazy! This place will give anyone in Rochester a job, you’ll be living like a fat cat forever!”

“Madge is listening to “When I Lost You” w.m. Irving Berlin, on Spotify”

“I am soooo jealous! The farmhouse down the road just got electricity! I hate my parents for not letting us get electricity.”

“Oh my God, it’s 12/12/12!  Too bad the world is ending in 2000 and we will never see another 12/12/12”

Titanic meme
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