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Finally! Crimes are Easier to Commit Than Ever! Try Yours Today!

So I was reading this article here…

And the reasoning behind the sentence completely baffled me. Now this is the woman that (you probably remember this story) backed into a group of fellow church-goers while trying to leave the church parking lot and killed 3 of them. She is 79 years old. So for her “punishment” she gets a suspended license – FOR ONE YEAR! And has to pay $1,000 fine. Really, isn’t that a little insulting to the victims?

I get it. She’s old. She killed her friends. I get it, she feels bad. My biggest problem with this is…

Her drivin’ ain’t gettin’ no better at 80 after a year’s license suspension!

Why does she need it back. Take it for good. Especially since she previously drove her SUV through a McDonald’s in 2011 after mistaking the pedals! She needs her McNuggets and “Senior Coffee” right now, damnit! She’s got an AARP card and she’s not afraid to use it!

Seriously Florida? Are you worried that fewer old people will come to Florida if you make stiffer penalties? I’d say you got plenty of blue hairs down there now!

Which then leads me to this gem of a story that came out this week…


Creepy McCreeperson much? This is the kind of person that gives us gingers a bad name. Please shave your head or color your hair, sick freak.

This further proves my theory that some people just look… sketchy. That was my thing when I did online dating, I had to see a picture and guys thought I was being shallow. Hell no! I need to look at your face, I can take one look in your eyes and tell if you’re a nutjob or evil or depressed or… toothless. Sorry, just can’t do bad teeth.

Anyway, again with no jail time… for raping his own 3 year old daughter! What in God’s name could possibly justify that?! Yes, I get maybe the DuPont name had something to do with it (free DuPont Corian counter tops for life!) but you think no one else will notice, judge? You state he wouldn’t “fare well” in prison… who gives a shit? His daughter sure didn’t “fare well”.

Jude Judy is my idol, but I’m not a judge so who am I to say, but it seems pretty apparent to me that these sentences don’t fit the crime… or accident as they call the Florida woman’s mow down. On second thought, I would love to see Judge Judy hand down these sentences. “You’re old! Time to go to the home and stop driving!” “You are a sick bastard! I hope you get what you deserve in prison!”

And I’m not some kind of Maricopa County Sheriff either, I don’t believe in chain gangs or the death penalty for traffic or immigration infractions. Just it’s obvious some of this stuff is so… bargained. Ya’ know what I mean? Lots of wheeling and dealing. It’s worse than a shopkeeper in Chinatown, “Ok I give you 2… no no… 3 for $5!” I think sometimes our court systems are far more worried about the defendant/suspect/perp than the victim. I work with a sexual and domestic assault prevention and victim transition non-profit agency… believe me I know. And it’s usually about who has the better lawyer that can open loopholes or ask for favors rather than justice.

But then the system will try to “balance itself out” by putting some poor schmo in jail for a year because he had a half ounce of weed or something on him. (Easy potheads, I don’t know the law, so whatever the possession limits are, go with that) I say legalize that stupid crap and make not serving time for heinous/hurtful/devastating acts illegal. *drops mic* I’m out…

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