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Fun With Awful Typos… News Outlets, You Are What You Type!

You would think alleged professional big-timey news outlets might not have interns write their content… or at the very least have an editor proof the content they put on their websites.   That’s always been a pet peeve of mine, which I shouldn’t tell you because then you’ll blast me whenever I have a typo.  Difference is, I’m a one man band not a news channel.

Same goes for print media.  That’s a little different, once it goes out the door, it’s out the door.  A website you can go back in and change.  Either way typos can provide countless hours of entertainment.

I give you some examples I found…

* I clicked on a link on Twitter which led me to Fox News (otherwise I just don’t go there) and this gem…

HOT SULPHUR SPRINGS, Colo. –  A Michigan man was fatally shot during an alteration outside the home of a Colorado prosecutor and sheriff’s deputy.

Perhaps he was getting a suit fitted? Or maybe letting out the waistband in some slacks?



I heard he was difficult but that’s just a low blow.



The scored three unanswered girls in the third period?  That is absolutely vile.



Well I understand that things inside the body are warmer than outside, that’s why Luke Skywalker climbed in that dead Tauntaun but…. crapping in a blanket in your own house seems a bit unneccesary unless you’re involved in Two Girls One Blanket.

Well, that’s all I felt like posting today.  Typos can provide some great entertainment but somebody should watch that shit (in or out of a blanket).

Oh speaking of serious news outlets…  We live in a pretty decent sized city, a million people in our greater metro area, so… why is this story about some dumbass country bumpkin in a small town in BFE 30 miles from here a news story (other than the novelty of it, I guess)?  Perhaps this is one for our Fearless Leader at  Dumbass News?…

Rednecks… go home, you’re drunk.

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