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I Fought the Law… and Got My Ass Kicked. Duh.

What the fuck is wrong with people?  You can’t beat the man.  The Clash just said it… I fought the law and the law won.  I know this song is mostly about someone who tried to break the law and was caught.  But I think it’s all encompassing… like the idiots who try to resist arrest.  The law will most always win.

There were two stories today in the local news about people resisting arrest.  You can pretty much find one in the news everyday.  This one was even videotaped.  Ok, I didn’t really want to post it but I will.  It’s disturbing and annoying with all of the squawking but you get the idea.  Hey, if you’ve watched “Cops” in the last 25 years, you’ve seen this scenario hundreds of times.

So now every urban church group and African American leader in town is crying foul.  Yea, I’m not sure if it’s police policy to punch a female in the head but here are two facts I know…  when a policeman gives you an order you must comply, also a policeman will keep at it until you are restrained, he will not throw up his hands and say “Ok, you’re pregnant you can go.”  Chances are if you are fighting like this woman, he doesn’t know what she will do if he lets go.  If she cared so much about her baby… why didn’t she stop wrestling the guy?

The other story was about a kid who punched a cop during a traffic stop and tried to run away.  Really?  He already has your license plate number, he has you on dashboard cam, even if you got away on foot temporarily, they will eventually come for your ass.  But they did catch this kid right away and now, SURPRISE… he’s got a whole new longer list of charges added to the original which was probably just a traffic ticket or maybe he had weed or something.  You just compounded your problems ten-fold.

When did society become so stupid and have no respect for authority?  Yes, I get it there have been crooked cops throughout history.  But one bad apple… yada yada.  Also, if you are claiming unlawful arrest or police brutality, no judge will believe you after they’ve seen the video of you fighting the cop.  You’re better off complying and making the case later.  I defy anyone who tells me they know of someone who tried to resist arrest and got away.

The story in the video above… police were called for a domestic dispute and when they arrived several people were fighting in the street.  When they tried to arrest one of the people involved, the “Pregnant” woman above starts yelling and threatening the police with pepper spray because it was her brother.  Tha’ fuck?  Did she really think she would win that argument?  Has she ever heard of obstruction of justice?  Does she not know threatening a police officer is illegal?  And finally, if she is pregnant… would you put yourself in that position?

I actually think people like that enjoy being a victim and suffering at the hands of “being wronged”.  That way you don’t have to take responsibility for any part they played.  Works like a charm, right?

Those type of people blame everyone else in the world for their problems.  They are wrongfully blamed for everything and have no responsibility, it’s always someone else’s fault.  It’s all about ego and bravado.  Whether you are guilty or innocent, punching or threatening a cop won’t get you off.  I mean you know, get you out of the being restrained by police thing… not get off in a sexual way, unless of course you’re into that.  Either way, I don’t advise it.

I’ve known plenty of policeman in my day (I’m Irish, duh) and I’ve watched plenty of documentaries to know that police will do what they have to to restrain someone.  I actually had a cop friend who had to punch a woman in the face and he felt terrible about it but she was like mauling him, he had to get her off of him.

Again, I know not every cop is on the up and up but do you really think you’ll get away if you try to fight them?  One way or another you’ll get caught.  You should have just done what the man said.

What do you think?  Would you ever punch a cop?

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