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I… Got Nothin'. Really.

No, I didn’t run off to New York City to live my dream of working the door at CBGB, because of course CBGB is closed you silly squirrels!   In the last week I’ve been busy moving, getting ready for and having Christmas, settling in, bringing home college age children, looking for a job, and doing laundry.  So, who has time to write?

Since I have nothing useful to write about, I just have some random thoughts…

Live with Kelly and Michael has turned into a bigger cheeseball fest than when Regis was on.  Actually I think it was kind of cutting edge with Regis since he was sarcastic and by the end just didn’t give a shit.

Why is it that I hate most popular movies?  I hate everything that everyone likes – Twilight, Titanic, Hunger Games, Batman.  I’d rather see quirky stuff with lots of clever wit.  Or maybe I’m still uber trendy and just hate things simply because everyone else hates them?

At 47 years old I am losing some of my super powers.  Moving wasn’t as easy this time.  When I was 35, I could move an entire house by myself.  No really.  I was like the freakin’ ant and the rubber tree plant.  Everyone knows an ant… can’t… move a rubber tree plant?  Bullshit.

I think this Kristen Stewart chick is the biggest miserable twat that ever lived.

I’m still finishing up my book.  It required more work than I thought.  Well, I mean I’m not satisfied, but I guess at some point I’ll have to stop fussing with it and just publish it.   It’s like sending a kid off to school on picture day, you gotta’ stop messing with the cowlick at some point and just send them off.

I am the original Grumpy Cat…

Grumpy Cat

I’m really tired of people who can’t have an intelligent debate.  It’s like they are having a completely different argument.  I was “discussing” with someone the other day… ok well wait I was trying to challenge a point that they made, which was that putting guidelines on certain amendments was “treasonous”.  I was trying to point out that there have been many guidelines and regulations put on amendments over the years, so obviously it’s not unconstitutional or whatever.  They immediately started yelling, “You want to take away my guns!!!!”.  To which I lol-ed because I never said that, nor do I feel that.

People amaze me with their “tunnel hearing”.  They only hear what they want to, or what they think they should, or just what they hear in their own head… I don’t know maybe they are schizophrenic, anyway…

Some people trying to “debate” remind me of this…

I can’t wait to be an old kooky broad.  I’m actually looking forward to being like a Joan Rivers or Betty White, they can say whatever they hell they want, be as raunchy as they want, and they can get away with it.   Maybe I’ll even cultivate a wild Phyllis Diller appearance, what would I have to lose?   My dignity?  Oh hell no, I lost that the first time I left some bonus material on the gurney during child birth… Sayonara splendor!

All right, I’ve got to go shovel.  Or rather first trudge through the 10 inches of snow in the backyard to get to the shed to find the shovel, then trudge back and then shovel the driveway!  Or I’ll just wait until my son wakes up…

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