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I'm Friends with a Rapper, Does that Make Me Hella Dope? My Tribute to MC Lars.

Look bitches, I got me a book!  That officially makes me an author!  Add that to my 21 other job titles on my resume!

Me and my book

Yes, now available on!  Stay tuned I will be giving away copies here in coming weeks! But you know, don’t be afraid to buy it because I don’t make jack-shit if I give it away.  🙂

Oh and I’m going to try to get back to that guest blogging thing this week, things got a little out of control here.

I’ve got more KickStarter rewards to go!  This time it’s… my main man MC Lars

Mc Lars

Isn’t he a hottie?  Oh how I love me some Lars (AKA Andrew Nielsen).  Visit his website here

Lars is an indie rapper in the fine genres of nerdcore and post-punk laptop rap.  2 Chainz he ain’t.  And I mean that in a good way.  I can’t stand that dirty, nasty, misogynistic street rap.

I first heard him back in 2006 when I moved back to Rochester and was listening to my favorite indie radio station WBER.  Yea, I used to work there as a DJ back in the day.  I heard his song “Space Game”.  I was like “this is f-ing awesome”.  So I looked him up online, I wanted to find out more.  I found him on MySpace.  Don’t laugh, that’s what the cool kids did back then.  I commented on something, he commented back.  We started corresponding.  I flirted with him a little, I asked if his CD entitled “The Graduate” was because he liked older broads.  He was cute and said “maybe a little”.  I know he was just completely patronizing me but it was fun.  Yea, homeboy is approximately 17 years younger than me.  But I was enjoying plotting his corruption in my head.

We talked about old school rap, which I am a huge fan of – Afrika Bambaataa, KRS One, Sugar Hill, Run DMC.  I like to think I educated him a little bit on what it was like back in the day, and he showed me some new stuff to listen to.  I’ve met up with him a few times when he’s been to town.  I took my son to one of his shows and he met him.  We shared drunken texts from time to time.  He critiqued the rap I wrote for my son’s graduation party as, and I quote, “so dope!”.  I fondly remember the time we shared a romantic after show meal at Jay’s Diner with 8 other people.  *Swoon*

What’s different about this guy?  Dude has a BA in 19th Century American Literature from Stanford University.  He is really funny.  And he is sweet as hell.  He has this boyish charm about him, addressing everyone as “friend” and proclaiming what a “joyful” time he is always having.  He is a true millenium kid and musician that uses social media as a launch pad for his career and is incredibly interactive with his fans.  I think that’s why every time he plays a gig there is a line a mile long waiting to say hello at his merch table.  Other performers should take a cue and learn not to be a douche to their fans, they are what’s making you money.

Lars is a talented visual artist as well.  Paintings, drawings, cover art, comic books.  He’s very creative and smart… who else could write rap songs about Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” and Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”?  Hey, puttin’ that degree to work!  He also has quite an adventurous spirit as he is currently visiting Peru.  Doing what he loves and travelling the world, I’m so envious.  He is indeed, living the dream.  Thanks for your support Andrew!  xoxo

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