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I Not Know

Yo!  I just have to take a break from book hawking and Kickstarter reward giving for a minute and discuss something.  Oh but first, you can order my book here…

heh heh

This case of the the three kidnapped women found in Cleveland is yet again bringing up a thought I frequently have… “How do you not know?”

I’ve written about it several times, I’ve discussed it several times, I’ve thought about it a million times.  Hmm, maybe I should get on meds for obsessive behavior.  Oh wait, silly me I already am.  Ok, anyway, every time a news story comes up where they interview someone who knew the perp and they say “I never saw anything that would make me think he could do something like this.”, I think… really?  Not even in hindsight?  I think they must be a moron.  I know, I know, unfair of me to judge.  But who said life was fair.

Thus the title of this blog.  Recently in our house we were watching old home videos and in one, my now 16 year old daughter was 2 years old and kept answering questions with “I not know” in a really cute perky voice. (and every time you can hear me in the background correcting her, “It’s I don’t know”, what a bitch)  Yes, ignorance is bliss… and adorable.   And that’s what a lot of people sound like some times, an oblivious 2 year old.

I’m not faulting everyone.  I do believe there are some people that could pull off a bizarre double life.  Look at that BTK killer in Kansas, he was killing people for like 30 years and all the while he had a wife and job and was a scout master.  WTF?  But I suppose hiding the rope and knife you used to “Bind, Torture, Kill” with is easier than hiding 3 women chained up in your house… for 10 years no less!

And there are those people that were fugitives and started a new life somewhere.  No one in their new life had any idea they were wanted felons.

I just… ya’ know… it’s like how I always go back to some of these mass shooting people that had amassed an arsenal in their homes and their parents never noticed.  Really, no one ever thought, “Hmmm, maybe this isn’t so healthy”?  I kind of think that’s what happened with the Newtown massacre, the mother of the killer was a gun enthusiast and it never phased her, I guess she thought the more the merrier!  Jesus, I can sense every time there is something bothering my kids… and then I ask them about it, and we talk.  Wow, there’s a revolutionary idea.  And it can be something innocuous like they just got a crappy grade on a test or one of their friends laughed at them when they fell in gym.  How could you not know your child has the desire to kill?!

Ok, I have to admit I couldn’t tell you what my neighbors do.  Well except for the one that we are friends with and my daughter babysits for.  Oh and the drunken idiots that come home after closing time that live in the multi-family rental houses, they are out in the street announcing what they are doing.  But behind closed doors, I have no idea.  So, I don’t fault the neighbors in the Cleveland case.  But really, family members?

In piecing it together from what I’ve read, he was married in the early 2000’s and it looks like some time overlap from the kidnappings and the marriage… how could she not know?  But I could be wrong on the timeline.  I do know that he beat the snot out of the wife several times and she had an order of protection.  That alone would tip me off that he wasn’t such a swell guy.

Maybe I’m just too paranoid and nosy.  I notice everything.  I have incredibly strong intuition.  My Mother always told me she thought I was “fey” which is an Irish thing that means you are kind of clairvoyant I guess.  Like you can tell what’s going to happen or sense things.  Anyway, even when my ex-husband was cheating on me while I was pregnant with our third child, I knew.  I just knew.  Then every time I brought up evidence he turned it around and said I was crazy and paranoid and yada yada.  That sent me in circles, I knew I was right.  I was a raving anxietal mess.

Anyway, how can you not know?  Oh like the basketball player Jason Collins that just came out?  Hi ex-fiancee’ was all surprised and broken up.  Dude, I can tell you when a 2 year old is gay.  I dated a guy a long time ago that eventually came out, I totally had my suspicions.  It’s pretty easy when a guy keeps pestering his girl to have a threesome with another guy… and to wear a strap-on for him.  But I digress…

Is it me?  Do I have special powers or do most people have suspicions about things.  Or are most people just not that observant with others?  I can’t say that I was ever completely fooled by someone.  You know something I never saw coming and I was totally blown away by.  So what about you?  Has anyone ever completely fooled you?

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