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Man Takes High Dive with Detachable Penis in Hand


I can not make this stuff up, folks. Uh, that’s some nutty stuff… choppin’ off your penis than jumping off a building. Ok, it was only the second story but he had good intentions. How embarrassing is it though that he survived? Now he’s gonna’ take a whole lotta’ shit from his boyz.

Brings new meaning to the King Missile song, “Detachable Penis”.

In all seriousness though, apparently he needs help. Whatever it is… drugs or mental health, it’s time for help. Cuttin’ off your penis? My guess is either he cheated on a woman or he’s fightin’ the gay. According to that CNN article, his rapper name was Christ Bearer in the group Northstar, a member of the Wu-Tang Clan family of products. So I’m guessin’ it’s self-punishment for something he thinks is naughty. Or there is the off-chance he was once abused and feeling haunted by it.

I don’t know, who am I to judge? I’m not judging, I’m just saying people’s acts of desperation are getting wackier. Well, wackier and more violent. It seems now when someone is getting stressed out about something it’s time to go shoot a place up, kill your kids, or self-mutilation. That’s uh… pretty extreme. Why is this happening? Is it happening more or do we just hear about it more because of the instantaneous news cycle? I think these things are becoming commonplace and people think it’s normal or how things are supposed to go down. I find it incredibly disturbing.

Maybe what I find most disturbing is how CNN posted this in the “Entertainment” section. Yup, that right there’s some good entertainment. Granted he is an “entertainer” but that’s like some really disturbing stuff. But just like I am writing about it, it will become, I’m sure, fodder for late night monologues. However, my angle is more… what the hell is going on in society? More and more bizarre shit is happening every day. It’s like becoming a contest to see who can go out in the biggest blaze of destruction and outrageous glory. Damn, is it too much to ask to just go in my sleep nowadays? Lord help us…

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