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Next on the Agenda: Us not Me (and Bonus Thank You Track ft. Pitbull)

Just a thought… What the fuck is wrong with you people?  I’m convinced social media has allowed the self-involved crazy folk to turn the knob all the way to 11.

Listen up… shame on you if every time a tragedy (bombings, school shootings etc.) happens you take the opportunity to preach your personal agenda on Social Media. Shame on you for thinking of yourself and not having compassion for what really matters, our fellow humans.

You ranting about guns, religion or politics is no better than the person who perpetrated the tragedy because you are doing what they tried to do – incite fear and assert dominance.  Shame, shame, shame. Like Sweet Brown says “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”…  I know I don’t.


I thought I’d feature Pitbull in this bonus track since he agrees to be everywhere anyway…


I wanted to thank all of those who contributed to my Kickstarter campaign.  As promised, I’m sending out a great big thank you (and bonus virtual hug) to:

MC Lars

Mike Gastin

Catherine Delia

Peter White

Dawn Sargent

Geoff Lee

Jill Sweeney Bosa

Billy Baroo

Deb Blizzard

Devin Holdraker

Jeff Guilbert

Jeff Hansen

John Zabelny

Lisa Balzer

Toby Shoemaker

Anita Henderson

Dana Snyder

April Stratton

Mary Slagel

Sara Tartaglia

Gates Orlando (dude just had a heart transplant and he’s donating money to me, WTF? I’m truly humbled)

Finalizing cover artwork and we should be good to go in the next few weeks!  Will keep you all updated.

Book will be available through this website,, and other outlets to be announced.

Pretty exciting stuff!  Thank you all a big fat hairy lot!

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