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Pucker Up, It's Lemon Time! Help Set the Lemons Free!

I didn’t have any dreams for years.

I don’t mean like the kind where a giant Lucky Charms Leprechaun is chasing me yelling in a deep growly James Earl Jones voice “Gimme back my Lucky Charms, bitch!”  I meant like goals/aspirations type dreams.  Well, other than the ones for my kids.  I’ve had plenty of those – I want them to get good grades, be healthy,  be great athletes, get into good colleges, be happy, live long and prosper.

Me?  The last time I had a dream (other than Tony Danza tap dancing naked) was when I was just out of college, I wanted to move to New York City and be the world’s greatest radio DJ.  I also someday wanted to be a wife and mother.  Little did I know which one was more likely…

Things changed, my path took a different turn.  I found love, I had kids.  My husband and my kids were my dream come true.  Then as one dream turned to a nightmare (with my own real life Lucky Charms giant), my only dream left was my 3 very young children at the time.

Now as they are starting to leave the nest one by one, I feel it’s time to dream again.  I took a real shine to this writing thing in the past several years.  I’ve finally been convinced by several friends that I should try to write a book.  So, I did.  Hey girl hey!

I’m excited.  Really excited!  I hope it makes you laugh and think.  I just want people who are going through crap in life to know that they’re not alone and you CAN figure it out.  And if the critics think my writing isn’t great, well then I’ll just make it better on the next book!   I’m determined to make Madge’s writing a “thing”.


Actual cover photo for book, artwork not done yet.

So hooray!  My book “When Life Gives You Lemons… at Least You Won’t Get Scurvy!” is almost ready for sale!  Just a few more weeks!  It’s a humor book filled with observations and life lessons, and personally how I got myself out of a lot of crap with perseverance and smart ass remarks.  But I need HELP!

Please help me on to help fund the final stages of my project.  I set a goal to raise $800 for some production costs by April 13th.  I really could use more but I tried to set an attainable goal, so the more the merrier!   However, it’s all or nothing, if I don’t reach the goal, I will receive nothing.  Booooo.   BUT, I’m not asking for a handout, you will get rewards for each level of giving, including a copy of my book (just like Public Broadcasting!).  I only wish I had a neat tote bag to give like they do.

UPDATE:  You guys are awesome!  80% of the way there!

Please click on the link below to contribute and thank you so much for believing in me! I really appreciate it!

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