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Sneak Peek at Book Cover Meets Motivational Madge

You want a sneak peek at my book cover?

So here it is…  I just get all tittery (pun intended) when I see this.  I’m like all giggly excited.  It looks like a real book now, doesn’t it?


(there is no actual green frame on the cover, that’s just a function of this blog wanting to frame inserted pics)

Yea I designed the cover, beyotch!  I’m multi-talented like that.  Just like a high end hooker that can cook!  (not me, I can’t cook)

I have no delusions of grandeur that this book will win a Pulitzer or will launch me into worldwide fame… but if someone recognizes me locally from all of my internet propaganda and it gets me a drink at a bar faster, I’ll be a happy gal.

I’m trying something I’ve wanted to do for a while ,(putting together a book) and that is victory enough for me.  But hey I’ll throw in some lofty goals, why not?  Aim high, shoot low… or something.  Let’s sell these suckers!  Baby needs a new pair of shoes…  well more like oldest baby needs to be able to stay at expensive university!

Book will be out soon, waiting on some final production tweaks and logistics.  Will let you know.  Aiming for beginning of May.

Which brings me to… going after your dreams.  Me being the eternal, perpetual, life long pessimist, cynic, realist, and naysayer… I say take a chance.  What what?!  Yea, those that have known me a long time have just dropped their shit on the floor.  Oh I still have all the doubt in me.  I still feel my whole family is snickering behind my back and my Father in heaven and my Mother in Tucson have their brows furrowed.  But after raising kids by myself  for most of the last 19 years and at almost 48, I say fuck it.

I come from a background of “Don’t get a big head”.  Like even to the point of getting an A on a test brought “Well you better keep it up” and “Why not an A+”.  Just the usual Irish Catholic self-flagellation and cynicism, nothing terrible.  So I have a lot of thoughts in my head like “Big deal anybody and everybody can put out a book now and does” or that people who actually know good writing will think it blows.   And it may.  But I’ll try.  And I’ll learn.  And the next one will be better.  And maybe it will open a door to other things.  All I know is certain voices in my head and heart tell me I have to make my own way since I haven’t ever seemed to find great success in corporate or small-medium business America.

I’ve had to analyze my characteristics in the past year or so to plan a solid future now that the panic of  lone handling small children has passed.  Now it’s, how do I sustain a household with teenagers and college students?  Well I excel at snark and smart assery (Maureen I borrowed your word).  And a few folks with good authority said I can write good.  Uh, I mean well.  (see I do funny irony too)  So, let’s throw this up against the wall and see what sticks.

It’s overcoming your fears.  If I can emerge from public assistance and three kids on my own, so can you… well I mean not necessarily that you have foodstamps and 3 kids too, I just mean anyone with problems… you know… well you know what I mean.

But you have to have a plan.  Plan it out.  Don’t quit your day job just yet.  (Unless you have a rich spouse or parents).  Don’t be afraid to try.  Well you can still be a little afraid but just do what I did, stuff it deep down inside where you can still hear it’s muffled cries but its hands are bound securely and can’t hold you back.  🙂  Go on girl!

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