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The Osmonds Were Right on That One Bad Apple Thing. Cut the Crap!

I usually stay away from current events because I believe it’s kind of like beating a dead horse.  But I just want to say a few quick things today.

I know this won’t really affect anyone who reads my blog because you all are intelligent beings but at the very least you can use my rationale here, the next time someone speaks ignorantly to you.

I hate gigantic stereotypical sweeping generalizations with a passion.

Stop lumping together people in every religion, ideology, race, city, school, whatever.

I fucking hate that with all my heart. (can you hate with your heart?)  And especially if you apply derogatory names to it.

Not every person who is a Democrat is a liberal.  Not every person who believes in certain things is a Democrat which definitely means not every person who thinks that certain thing is a liberal.  And because I think some people need some government help, doesn’t mean I want to let everyone live for free forever.  And besides that’s not a liberal, that’s someone who believes in a welfare state.  You sound like a dumbass.  Cut it out.  You might be a Republican, than you all believe every man for himself right?  You are all bastards with no heart who want your Jesus and your guns and you would throw jobless single moms on the street, right?  I don’t believe that and I’m a Democrat.  I’m also intelligent.

Not every person who commits a crime is a Muslim terrorist.   Not every Muslim is a jihadist.  That means they are not all out to get us and are violent.

I kind of liked this chart I saw on Facebook…

terrorist chart

I have several friends who were born into the Muslim faith and some are practicing, some are not.  None of them were ever taught to hate America or to kill all the infidels.  They don’t even feel women are inferior, go figure.

Just like you…  Are you Christian?  Do you have the same beliefs and practices of the Westboro Baptist Church?  They certainly don’t represent me.

Are you Jewish?  I bet you throw a rock at a Palestinian or Muslim every chance you get, right?  I live in a heavily Orthodox Jewish area, even within the Jewish religion some are Orthodox some are just holiday temple goers.  There are many factions.

You live in San Francisco?  I bet you are gay, right?  You are totally gay, you’re all gay there!  Or you’re all Asian, right?  There are over 800,000 people in SF… really?

Did we learn nothing from rounding up all the people of Japanese ethnicity and putting them in internment camps in the U.S. during WWII?  Or Hitler killing all the Jews?

As The Osmonds once said, “One bad apple, don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl”

Are there certain groups and factions we need to be on high alert for?  Absolutely! But don’t be a fucking idiot and call out an entire religion that has 1.6 billion followers in the world.

Look, I know people get to feeling vulnerable and to some that’s a fate worse than death.  No one will get me!  So I’m going to claim I know the answer and what’s going on and who the enemy is, you can’t fool me!  That’s why people also want their guns in their home, so they don’t feel vulnerable.  Vulnerable = weak, to those people.  Ya’ know what?  Vulnerability also breeds compassion, love, and acceptance.  I let myself feel vulnerable, I don’t feel the need to have weapons and a moat. Vulnerable = strong… you let what’s gonna’ happen happen and you’ll stand up and face it like a man when it does.   I trust others and when my numbers up, my numbers up.  I won’t live in fear or hate.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to take away your right to live in fear and hate, you knock yourself out with that.  So don’t get all “you wanna’ take away my rights” shit with me.  I will give you your fucking rights with my knee right in your sack!  Have all the rights you want!  I don’t care.  But I have the right to choose NOT to live in fear and hate.  So go take your paranoid self and get some meds and leave me alone.

I just get so annoyed, sorry.  Think before you speak.

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