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What Makes You Popular?

This little tidbit today is more of a discussion than a blog.  That’s right damnit, I want you people to actually do something rather than just sit there and have me entertain you!   heh, just kidding.

I want to ask some questions of all you bloggers out there.  And readers of blogs too, I need your input.

I’ve been blogging for a long time.  In just a couple years back in 2005-2007 I had an incredibly large following on MySpace.  But then I let that kind of die out and took a break and tried to start up a couple different times.  I have a decent following, but hey I wouldn’t mind a ginormous following in hopes of one day pimping my books and monetizing things.  So, my question is for those of you who have ginormous followings… how did you get there?

Yes, yes, I know all the basics.  But at what point did you jump up to thousands of followers?

I’ve read all the articles.  But there is a lot of stuff I just don’t want to do.  Such as…

I can’t stand being an attention whore.  Ok, I don’t mind ya’ know, being the center of attention but just like to write about how fabulous I am and go all over the internet saying how fabulous I am just seems… annoying.  Do you believe the hype?  Do you get roped in because someone touts that they are hot or funny or a top blogger?

Next, I can’t stand f*cking contests.  No f*cking isn’t a verb there, it’s an adjective. Giving away stuff seems so cheesy.  I’m one of those “keepin’ it real” broads.  Hell, I got into radio in the 80s because I was all about the music.  I got out of radio in the 90s because I quickly found out it was all about the money, and DJs had no input or creative license whatsoever.  True to my art, man!  So, um yea, do contests help?  Do readers think they are cheesy?

What about Twitter?  Do any of you have tens of thousands of followers?  How did you get there?  I have just over a thousand.  How do you become a Mega-Tweeter?  And Facebook likes?  How do you amass thousands?

Is it all about begging people to share your stuff?  Is it about content?  You hope your stuff is just interesting enough that people will pass it around?  Honestly, that’ s kind of been my plan, other than pimping my blog on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

Thinking about trying some YouTube videos.  I’ve been told I have good comedic delivery and a very expressive face.  But I don’t want to be one of those A-holes that sits there and rambles and has nothing really prepared to say.  I want to prepare something good and have my hair and makeup did first.

So, let’s hear it bloggers and consumers of blogs… what creates a gigantic following?  See, I’m a bit of a pain in the ass because I’m not like other people.  I have a very particular sense of humor and I only want to read blogs that have an extremely clever wit.  I’ll check out what’s popular, just to keep on top of things but honestly I don’t find much that I love.  Sorry kids.  But I try to check everyone out!  I just can’t use my thought patterns as a gauge, ‘cuz well, like I said, I’m a pain in the ass.

Please tell me your thoughts…

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