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You Are What You Social Media

If you are what you eat, then do we assume – you are what you social media?  Everyone has their social media preferences.  What does it say about you where you hang out?  Is there any validity to that?

I like Facebook for connecting with past, present, and future friends.  It’s like a little catch-up session every time I log on. However, Facebook seems to be where a lot of social media newbies hang.  I am here –

Pinterest, I haven’t really gotten into, but am starting to look at it a little more frequently because it seems like I should. *confused look*  I always thought Pinterest was for Moms who scrapbook and like recipes… silly me some of my most creative friends use it for inspirational imagery that they like.  I think this is how you find me there –

Tumblr is… well another thing that I can’t quite get the hang of.  My kids love it and they do the work for me, they find funny things and show me.  So I stay hip that way.  I have a Tumblr page but it is just basically a copy of my blog.  It seems Tumblr is for the younger set for all the cool memes and gifs.  My Tumblr –

Instagram is fun, when I remember to post a pic or look at pics.  I’m a live in the moment kind of gal, it doesn’t always dawn on me to document something with pics.  Again, seems to be for young kids taking selfies or Moms showing kids being cute.  I am @madgemadigan on Instagram.

Vines is my new fun toy… again when I remember to do one or look at it.  My kids are constantly on the Best Vines Twitter account and will always show me something funny.  Black guy running shirtless through white neighborhood is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen.  Vines seems to be the young trendy place. I guess I’m @madgemadigan there too.

Reddit hates me.  I’ve tried to post and it always gives me some error.  It just really hates me.  I don’t even think I have an account anymore.  There seems to be a lot of socially awkward people that spend way too much time on the internet on Reddit.

I absolutely love LinkedIn for business.   If you don’t have a LI profile, you need one stat!  It’s the place to network or look for a job.  Me –

Myspace?  Dead and gone… but trying to be resurrected for musicians.  I  think maybe other artists.  Maybe I should make a profile for my book there.  “When Life Gives You Lemons… at Least You Won’t Get Scurvy!”  Does anyone care?

Does anyone even use Google+?  I’m really curious on that one.  I guess I’m just under my name there.

What else am I missing?  Please tell me what other social media is trending…

But I must say at the moment my personal favorite is Twitter.  My head is filled with endless one liners which Twitter is perfect for.  It’s an outlet for useless crap in my head.  Twitter is varied, it has people that pimp the crap out of stuff (me), companies attempting customer relations, young kids talkin’ smack, folks who just like to be funny (me), and a ghetto/trailer trash dating service.  Find me on Twitter for the funny and promotion – @MadgeMadigan

Here are some of the most “favorited” or re-Tweeted” things I’ve Tweeted…

1.  In response to “so tell me about yourself?” I always want to say “fuck you, ask me a real question”

2.   Tops on my bucket list… become a gay icon.

3.  I’m getting closer to the age where when someone asks “Are those implants?”, they’re talking about my teeth not my boobs.

4.  I just don’t have the energy it takes to be a blog whore. Regular whore yes, blog whore no.

5.  Either this place has a seafood special tonight or someone needs some serious Summer’s Eve action…

6.  Oh look it’s booze o’clock!

7.  That’s what she said! No really, that’s what she said… I have the email right here.

8.  I’m just going to back out of the interwebz slowly & quietly right now, no sudden moves. I’ll be back after the nurse brings the meds around

9.For the Love of God Today Show, please stop showing shots of the crowd & stay on the damn performers! I don’t care about an old broad waving

10. I’ve been known to cut a bitch…unfortunately it was while I was clipping my dog’s nails, claws, whatever the fuck they are. Sorry Mitzie!

11. The first step is admitting you have a problem… I’m Madge and I’m a twat.

12. Hooray the humidity is here! My thighs are schvitzing

Feel free to follow me anywhere listed above.

I want to follow you!  Tell me where to find you on various social media!  Writte your usernames in the comments below!

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