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Dream a Little Dream of Naked Tony Danza

Do you think dreams really mean anything?  I’m not sure.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I think they may be a slideshow of all the things your subconscious is thinking, you know all your worries and such.  Other times I think it’s a function of what you saw or heard last before you went to bed.  Other times it’s just random crap.

I frequent the dream dictionary sites after my dreams.  I want to see what their take is on my dream, and most often it’s worry.   I’m big on the anxiety dreams.  They’re very popular in the Madge noggin.  I often have dreams about trying to get somewhere and I can’t.  I was a swimmer in high school and a little bit of college, and I always dream of being back in HS and trying to get to swim practice but I can’t find the pool or my swimsuit or whatever.  My other anxiety dreams include; 1.) Being back in college and trying to get to class and I can’t find it,  2.) Going to take a test and I haven’t gone to class all semester, and 3.) Going to get married and can’t find my dress or the church.

Yes yes, obviously I’m a big load of anxiety, thank you dream dictionary.  Another dream I have often is of my teeth falling out.  Either just one accidentally being pulled out or they fall out by the handful.  What the f*ck is that all about?  That is probably the most bizarre.  But according to various dream dictionary sites it means either I lied about something or something new is starting in my life or as usual… I’m worried about something.  Well, if that isn’t the biggest damn fall back excuse of all time, my name is Stanislaus!  (I don’t know, just go with it)

Another strange anxiety dream I had was when I was pregnant with my first child… in it I was carrying around my baby in a shopping bag and I misplaced the bag somewhere and I looked all over then I found the bag and put the baby in my pocket.  (yea, I know, I can’t explain this stuff)  But then the baby jumped out of my pocket and… you get the picture.  And yes of course that was all anxiety about having my first baby.  I didn’t need a dictionary to tell me that.

Then occasionally I get a respite from anxiety dreams and get the gift of a sex dream.  Awwwww yea!  Sometimes they are freakin’ awesome and I wake all rarin’ to go and realize I can’t do anything about it.  Wah.  But they were fun while they lasted.  Then of course it wouldn’t be the mind of Madge without throwing in some bizarre-o world stuff.  One that stands out… I was seduced by Tony Danza.  I can’t remember if it was “Taxi”, “Who’s the Boss?”, or current Tony Danza (I think Who’s the Boss?) but boy was he hot.  Which I never thought he was in real life.  Actually, I don’t think I ever thought of him, period in real life.   I think that was a product of seeing a promo for TVLand before I went to bed.


I wish I had prophetic dreams or at least saw dead relatives but I don’t.  🙁  I keep waiting for my Dad to come in a dream and offer some advice but he’s been a no-show.  I have sometimes had dreams about someone I haven’t thought of in years and I feel the need to reach out afterwards.  That has lead to some good things so I guess that was maybe prophetic or a sign or something.  I wish my dreams were more meaningful.

But no, I just keep having more dreams about being forced to live with or remarry my ex-husband or some other guy that I dated that I now hate.  You would think my anti-anxiety meds would prevent this, but nooooooo.  (think John Belushi on Weekend Update)  Maybe it goes back to my last blog, if I start think about sparkly unicorns maybe I’ll dream about sparkly unicorns?  I just wish I would stop having anxiety dreams.  Well at least I’ve cut back on the Cold War era bomb dropping dreams where our town has to evacuate and I get separated from my family.  (Thanks for starting those Richard M. Nixon!)  Baby steps for me, I guess.  Sweet dreams everyone!

Tell me your strange dreams…

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