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"Hey Rocky, Watch Me Pull a Job Outta' My Butt!"

(ok Bullwinkle used to show Rocky pulling a rabbit out of his hat not his ass, but ass is more fitting here)

You know what I think is an absolute hilarious phrase?

“Just go get a job”


“Just go get another job”

Bah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

See how funny that is?

Is there some dispensary that I don’t know about where they are giving out jobs like a Great Depression breadline?


I’ve had it said to me tons of times at different points in my life.  While going through my divorce, I was a stay-at-home Mom with kids ages 6, 3, and 1-ish.   I hadn’t worked in a couple years, I had been doing some marketing stuff at home.  My career before that was all admin-type jobs in radio and TV.  Where was I going to get a job to cover paying for 3 kids in daycare?  Do you know how much daycare charges?  Say you make about $360/week at a $9/hour admin job.  Daycare for one child is anywhere from $200-300 a week.  Times 3?  Yea.

Flash forward to about the past 5 years.  I’ve had writing/marketing gigs, but always freelance projects, part-time gigs, whatever.  I could never quite break-into the ad agencies because well they are laying everyone off.  And if you haven’t broken in already, you ain’t gettin’ in… unless you’re an unpaid intern.

So, I’ve tried over the years at several times to “Just get a job”.  Do you know how hard that shit is these days? I don’t have childcare expense anymore but now I can’t even get the low paying job!   I have applied to minimum wage jobs just to get something for extra income, I think they took one look at my over-qualified ass and tossed my app in the trash.  I never even got an interview.   On top of that, all these “mall jobs” as I like to call them (retail, food, min. wage) want you to apply online and it takes an hour to finish the application.  They all make you take these surveys or evaluations.  Really, a psychological evaluation for a minimum wage job?  Then they want you to take a drug test.  I have nothing to hide, but seriously?  Well I guess you are dealing with cash and they don’t want anyone with a drug habit who’s going to pocket it.

But anyway, why don’t they have these psychological evaluations for professional jobs?   You know how many  closet psycho, sociopathic, cubicle jockeys there are out there?!   I only ever had one “desk job” ask me to fill out one.  I obviously passed but it was funny because the mindset they were trying to portray that they wanted wasn’t necessarily… well, they didn’t practice what they preached.  Let’s just say that.  I thought it was kind of a waste of time.

Have you ever taken one of these tests?  They ask you the same question over and over but in 10 different ways.  “When do you think it’s ok to be late for work?”  Choices: Never?  Once in a while?  A few times a month?  I don’t care about being on time?   Well you know what the hell they want you to say!  Never!  What dumbass would answer anything else?  And I actually had a hiring manager tell me they had a hard time finding people who passed the test!

Well… that’s because you look at the young kids with no experience that just want some weed money, instead of mature people like me that actually want and need a job!


(I loved Keenan and Kel)

I’m not gonna’ lie, finding something I am qualified for?  I’m either over-qualified or under-qualified but just don’t have one piece of the puzzle (like agency experience, or writing for a specific industry experience, like healthcare or something).   And I’ll be honest, I think my age is starting to be a factor.  I was so naive I never thought that would matter in a million years.  But in this day and age, everyone thinks youngsters have it all and are the only ones who can be hip and in the know.  To which I say, “fuck you”.  I know not to drop that thun thun thun.  I know what’s goin’ on.

I’ve discussed this with my friends.  I’ve had several friends that had been out of work for anywhere from 4 months to a year.  They’re all professionals.  Upper management, comptrollers, graphic designers, writers, engineers.  One common denominator, we’re all in our mid to late 40’s.  Do you think it makes a difference?

Hey, I think I’m friendly and I have a rack… I couldn’t even get a job as a restaurant hostess, server, or bartender because I have no experience!  Tha fuck?  I’ve been waiting on kids, husbands(well only one), and boyfriends for years!  How much different can it be?  I can learn!  Oh and apparently raising 3 kids on your own isn’t enough experience to work daycare either.  SMH

This writing thing has gone well, but not quite enough yet to sustain my lifestyle full time.  Gotta’ put out a few more books first.  So in the meantime I must bring in a little extra grocery money.  So either buy my book or tell me where this magical job handing out line is.  Thanks.  (new book coming out in time for holidays)

Anyone else had difficulty “just getting a job” in recent years?

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