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I've Seen Films That Had a Smaller Budget Than This Wedding…

I know this is probably stupid but… something has been bugging the crap out of me lately.  I’ve been seeing non-stop promos for a new show on Bravo about one of the Real Housewives of Orange County getting married.  I believe it’s called “Tamra’s O.C. Wedding”.  Let me just say the first thing that bothers me is that every other housewife has been getting these stupid spin-off shows about preparing for a wedding,  Enough already.

A tangent… another thing that pisses me off is the fact that these real housewife wedding shows are  added to about 4,000 other wedding shows that are on TV and show all these huge spectacles they call weddings.  It’s like a God damn Busby Berkeley or Cecil B. Demille production!   I keep waiting for Esther Williams to appear and dive into a giant heart-shaped pool in the middle of the reception.   And now this is seriously fucking up wedding plans around the country because everyone thinks they have to have a wedding just like that.   Now our daughters think they will need a $50,000 wedding.  Fuck that.


Moving on… I don’t really watch the RHOOC show, I just read tidbits or see the promos for the show.  So I did a little research online into the show and the characters.  So this is what else is bothering me about that Tamra’s wedding show… they show all these little snippets of her being nervous and wanting to be a princess and planning all these grand and glorious things, they even show a clip of her being giddy and proclaiming, “I can’t believe I’m getting married!”  My problem with this is… THIS IS HER THIRD MARRIAGE!

She’s already been married twice.  And all of a sudden in this season, her 4 kids have vanished.  In previous seasons it was all about her and her second husband and their three kids and her son from her first marriage.  Now all of a sudden she’s portrayed like a giddy childless girl being married for the first time.  What the fuck?  I guess you’re allowed to just wipe out your past and have a re-do on “reality” TV.  Hey, I think I’ll try that!   The housewives do it, my ex did it… see you guys later!

Ya’ know what, I have absolutely no problem if you wanna’ be married 3 times, 4 times, 8 times whatever.  Knock yourself out.  But I would think for your dignity’s sake you would make all the subsequent weddings low key.  I tend to think that if you are throwing a big blinged-out blow out of a wedding for a third marriage… you probably wanted another wedding more than another marriage.

I don’t know, am I wrong here?  Well, I suppose it’s different I guess if like you never had a real wedding the first time (like you just did City Hall or something) or maybe it’s the groom’s first wedding… I can see a big wedding.  I’ll allow it, ‘cuz ya’ know I’m the one with all the say-so.  *sarcasm*  But if both y’all been around the block 2, 3, 7 times… just go get a Justice of the Peace or boat captain and be done with it.  But then that wouldn’t make good “reality” TV, would it?

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