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Listen to Where You're Being Sent or How I Was Finally Useful Today

Someone asked for my opinion today. Ha! Who the hell would think that was a wise idea?

Well I guess it was something I had dealt with and they wanted to know my thoughts.

My thoughts actually provided an answer to this person.

What, what?!

I was useful. I gave this person advice on sort of going with their gut, and the person helped me put into words the idea I’ve been trying to verbalize for a while. Well I mean I thought of other ways to put it, but when this person reiterated what I just told them and  put it in these words it really clicked with me.

“Listen to where you’re being sent”

Yea, it’s like listen to your gut and all that but it’s, I don’t know, maybe a little more specific.

This person has a young child and she’s considering switching them to Catholic school and she asked me about my experience with it. Now I’m no big cheerleader for Catholic school, my son went to a Jesuit all boys school, the girls go to an all girls Catholic school, but I am a fan of these particular schools, not just all Catholic schools in general. Most importantly I am a fan of “do what’s best for you”. It was also a nice moment for myself where I realized “I did do what was best for me”. I went with what my senses were telling me.

Several things kept happening that made me think it was the right choice back then. It doesn’t matter what you are deciding… what school to send your kid to, what house to buy, what person to date, what kind of booze to order. There are outside influences at work. Hey, that’s just my theory. It could be just the inner depths of your brain combing the data banks for past experience or info learned from others being processed and your brain is sending you text alerts like your bank does on your phone. “Your bank balance is now overdrawn.” Oh wait, or is that just me? Anyway, something is sending you info, vibes, messages… whatever you want to call it. Listen to them. (However if the messages involve violence or deviant behavior, see a mental health professional)

Maybe you keep seeing shirts with the name of a certain college… damn that’s where my kid really wants to go, maybe it is the right school. Maybe when ordering booze you think margarita, but your brain scans the shelves and see’s tequila… oh damn girl remember, you don’t handle that stuff well, I’ll have gin and tonic. Maybe you like a guy but your Mom said she doesn’t have a good feeling about him… suddenly a bus rolls by with an ad that says “Mom knows best”. They could be subtle signs you really have to listen hard for or you never know, it could be as glaring as the giant statue of Jesus falling on Mandy Moore’s car in “Saved”. (I love that movie) Unlikely but… who knows.

I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s there. My life got better once I stopped making knee-jerk panicky reactions to everything and started to just sit and listen to the Universe or God or whomever it may be. It keeps sending my brain to a place, it may even send me physically to a place (I kept getting invited to events by a club, I soon realized I needed to join and it was good).

So stop talking and thinking and making excuses. Ok maybe do a little thinking, that is important… but don’t get so stuck on rational thought and possible statistical outcomes. Sometimes a gut leap of faith can lead to amazingly wonderful, successful things.

Oh and I am quite proud of myself for being useful today, perhaps there is hope for me. 🙂

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