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Local All Boys Catholic School to Allow Gay Couple At Junior Prom. Hallelujer.

Local all boys Catholic School to allow gay couple to attend junior prom.  That’s ballsy. (no pun intended… well maybe a little)

It’s my son’s school.  I am happy as a clam.  I don’t mean this blog to be in any way all preachy, self-righteous or gloating.  I don’t even mean it to be a thumbed nose at those who oppose gay rights.  I simply mean it as an expression of love in my heart.

I felt so much love and pride when my lovely beau told me about this news piece this morning…

McQuaid Jesuit High School is an all boys Catholic school in Rochester, NY.  It’s pretty pricey and exclusive and known for turning out incredibly successful young men.  Every year it counts numerous acceptances to the top colleges in the nation among it’s seniors.  My son now attends NYU mostly on merit scholarship.  It also counts many men of other religions as it’s students and graduates because it has such a tremendous academic reputation.

An excerpt taken from the WHAM 13 article:

“Rochester, N.Y. – McQuaid Jesuit High School told parents Wednesday through a letter it will allow a gay couple to attend this year’s Junior Prom.

The school’s president, Fr. Edward Salmon, wrote, “I have made the decision that, if our two brothers who have asked to attend the Junior Ball together wish to do so, they will be welcomed.”

I couldn’t be more proud that my son is a 2012 graduate of McQuaid Jesuit High School.  I just went to their huge black tie fund raiser this past weekend with my beau who is also an McQ graduate.  As a matter of fact the two young gentleman in question were the servers for our table.  Incredibly nice fine upstanding boys.

I love the people there, it’s a family.  And boy can we Catholics drink!  Coincidentally, my ex-husband is also an McQ graduate.  I always heard my son talking about how they preached “brotherhood”, “be a man for others”, and basically don’t just be ordinary, be extraordinary.  Seek knowledge, be loving, be brave, be a leader is the jist.  I’m just bubbling over with joy that I made the right decision to send him there.

Ok everyone knows I’m a huge gay groupie.  I’ve had some of my closest friends now and since high school that are gay men and women.  I totally knew it back then too.  Oh hell there were a couple of you that I knew it when we were in grade school.  I just seem to attract people who may otherwise not be accepted sometimes.  Maybe people see me and think “Oh that broad looks gay-friendly”.   I hope it’s just because I look “people-friendly”.  (and because I’m fabulous lol)

Anyway… so I’m all for gay rights.  My gay friends to me are not sub-human nor sub-American.  However, I am also for respecting other’s opinions.  I may not agree but as long as you are not lashing out in any way, you have your right to your opinion.  But what I don’t like is either side bashing the other.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  You’re no better than the other party if you are hatin’.

Just like being Catholic.  We all know what the Catholic church stands for, but my local priest says we should still love and support the people that are involved in the things the church disagrees with.  Bingo!  That’s why I go to that church.

So I’m pleased as punch, proud as a peacock today.  I stand with loving and respecting others and I’m so proud of my son’s alma mater and it’s community and having the courage to make a controversial decision with dignity.  You go!

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