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Proud to Get All My Political Info from Memes!

Everybody is a God damn fact checker these days.  “According to my facts, it says this”.  “Well, according to the facts I found it says that”.  “Hold on, I have the real facts here!”  The fact is, I don’t know if we ever know all the facts.

You’ve heard everyone say it, “I’m so sick of this campaign crap!”.  Well, I mean it damnit!  You have one party saying they have the facts, another party says they have the facts, a news outlet says they have the facts, then of course all of you on Facebook have the REAL facts.  All I know is I’m ready to put my foot in all of your asses.

Even if you think you have the facts, don’t present it in some juvenile, name calling, inflammatory, ridiculous way.  You don’t look like a tough guy… you look like a 12 year old douchecopter.  Anyone with any brains will take a civil, well presented argument over this any day:

 Wait, what?  It’s stupid apples to oranges hateful generalizations like this that make you look like a complete moron.

Besides, I think this is pretty much all there is to say about that kind of stuff:

Have you ever heard that saying, “There are three sides to every story – your side, my side, and what really happened”?  Yea, well it’s true.  And add to that anything that anyone ever says can be interpreted anyway you want.  The Bible is a prime example of that.  It’s been translated several times, many times there were no words that were a direct translation from the original word, so they had to pick the next closest thing.  Leaves it open to interpretation, right?  And how do we know what was said, we weren’t there?

That’s my point.  Everybody thinks they have the truth.  Hell, sometimes I’ve been in situations (I was actually there and involved!) where afterward, I think I know what happened but I may start to sway my own way of thinking to make it look like something else.

For example:  Say… a gentleman walks past me and says “That’s some dress” and smiles.  Immediately, I smile and feel good and am flattered.  But as I walk down the street I start to think, “Wait, what kind of comment was that?”.  Did he mean that that dress was flattering to my figure or “That’s some dress” as in, “That dress is really loud and obnoxious and not flattering”?  And did he smile because he thought it was funny?  And now instead of feeling flattered, I feel totally dissed!

See, what I mean?

So quit posting your “I’ve got all the real true hard facts” sh*t on Facebook and Twitter.  Even solid arithmetic can be manipulated, sometimes.

Here’s my solution… I say we elect government officials by using a series of tests.  You have to take a civil service exam for almost every other government job, right?  What more important job is there for which to test?

The candidates should have to take tests in the following:

Math – to make sure they can budget and spend correctly.

World Geography – you have to know where things are in the world, if you’re leader of the free world, not what countries you can see from your house.

U.S. Geography – to prove you know where all of your constituents live.

U.S. Government – to make sure you know the laws, checks and balances, and founding documents, and can’t make crap up.

Science – Basic stuff, could help with environmental issues.

Vocabulary and grammar – can’t have our leader sounding like a 6th grade dropout ” (or cast member of  “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” on the world stage.

And then they should have to write essays and cite specific examples of things they’d do, not rhetoric.  They should also be given one of those behavioral tests that employers give nowadays, you know to see if you’re gonna’ steal paperclips and sh*t from the office?

Oh and let’s leave the spouses out of it.  When you go to a job interview, they don’t ask to meet your spouse, do they?  Uh, if they do, you can sue.  That goes for the kids too.  Your 12 year old daughter or adult son has no bearing on my choice.

That should take care of it.  Oh wait, then everyone will probably interpret the test answers and scores in 18 different ways and we’ll be right back where we started.  Perhaps we should just choose our leaders like they did in Ancient Greece, through a lottery.  Seems about as fair as what we have now?

My point is…

(Or delete you, or decide you’re a little too koo koo to hang around with.)

I’m not saying I don’t want to ever hear anyone’s opposing views or anything.  Don’t insult me by making stupid generalizations.  All I’m saying is if you must make a political comment on social media, just keep it civil and mature. You are getting on everyone’s last nerve, except for the other salivating weasels that crave that crap.   I’d rather you didn’t say anything at all because I get enough of it in every other media form, but I understand people have a need to express their opinions (just like I do here).

Have any of you gotten into it about politics on social media or deleted someone close to you because you just couldn’t take the negativity and ranting anymore?    (please share and follow my blog, thanks!)

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