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You Won My Heart with Your First Email "I Want to Drill That #$%^*"

Over the years I have occasionally been hit on by a man.  Yes, I know even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.

Whether it be in person or online, I’m wondering if any of you other women (or men even) find someone’s really aggressive behavior repulsive?  Or have any of you fallen for that?  Or have any of you done it and had it work?

What kind of behavior you ask?  Well, I find it happens online more frequently, you know because internet muscles and all.  But in real life… I find even a little thing like coming to talk to me, looming over me and staring at me creepily while I’m clearly not interested and refusing to leave, really off-putting.  The most obnoxious thing I ever had a guy do was pick up my phone which was sitting on the bar where I was seated and called his phone from my phone to get my number.  This was after I told him I wasn’t interested.  He did it while I was ordering a drink but I caught him midway, I tried to grab it away but he pulled back and finished quickly.  He thought he was so funny, cute, and clever.  I just thought he was a dick.  He then proceeded to call me several times that week, which I ignored.  I was really starting to get mad.  He finally stopped.  Dude, trust me when I tell you, I”m not that interesting.

Online is far worse.  I have this guy that I had blocked a few times on various sites, Match, Myspace (yes this was a few years ago) he was always like “Look you should go out with me because I’m far better than other men, I bet you always fall for the same kind that don’t get you anywhere, right?  So stop being a loser and get with a winner?”  Um, yea?  You think I want to date you after calling me a loser, asswipe?  I ignored him, then he writes again, “This will be the last time I ask, want to meet for a drink?”  Oh hell no!  I finally just wrote “no thank you” and he left me alone… for a while.  Then he comes back other places with new profiles probably because every woman in town has blocked him.

There is that old adage that nice guys finish last but really do assholes win?  I mean really?  Complete jerks?  I mean I’ve been courted by a sarcastic jerkish guy a few times.  I was attracted to the sarcastic humor but when I realized there was no other side, I ditched.

Then of course the most aggressive move is the dick pic.   Ladies, we’ve all had it.  You are talking to a guy online, there may be a build up or it may be his first approach… a picture of his junk.  Now guys, hear me when I say you don’t have a particularly pretty piece of equipment.  I mean ladies in general don’t judge a man buy his schlong.  I really don’t know what you are thinking?  I’ve had that as the first hand played, like that old Chris Rock routine, “Hey, how ya’ doin’?  Here’s my dick.”  Dude, I don’t even know  what you look like or what your real name is yet, and you’re flingin’ that around?

(Caution: Video may be offensive and not safe for work)

Then there is the ever charming email message or comment “Ur so hawt, I would hit that”, or the even more direct, “Let’s fuck”.  Well ok then, where do I sign up?!  You could be a  70 year old man or a 12 year old boy or convicted rapist but yo… I’m all on board for dat!  The funniest was when I was in a discussion on a single parent group page on LinkedIn… LInked-freakin-In people!  I get some foreign guy that I think English was about his 8th language, that wanted to invade my personal colo-rectal space.  Really charming.

What I want to know is, does this ever work?  Ladies, ever fallen for it?  Guys, did you catch some fish with that pole?  Or guys has some woman ever sent you vajay pics off the bat?  Or any other body part?  This stuff baffles me.  Maybe it’s just the thrill of doing the stuff for the people.  Not thinking it will really net them anything but it’s fun.  Kind of like a flasher… just show your junk and run?  I don’t get it.  It takes all kinds.

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